Cheap Cruises from Miami

Miami is a great place to travel to and from. If you are visiting for the first time, you should take a few days to explore the city and its rich history. Cruise lines really likes this port and come to Miami on a regular basic. Look below to find cheap cruises from this Miami.

Lets Find a Cheap Cruise

It can be difficult paying for any cruise. Even the cheapest cruises cost money. However, in this article we have found some unique cruises that are cheap for Port Canaveral. I suggest before you buy that you compare different places. DirectCruises does seem to be the cheapest and plus they give special bonus when you buy from them. When you do decide to buy, I suggest you take a look at this article on good tips for getting the cheapest rate.

Family Cheap Cruises:

Family Cruises can cost thousands. A Cheap Cruise from Miami can be as low as There are cheap family cruises starting from $189 for a 3 night Bahamas cruise on Carnival Cruise Line. Also if you want to pay a little more, Disney Cruise line is a great family cruise line and starts at $541 for a 4 night Bahamas trip.

3 night Bahamas

Starting at

CruiseDirect  - Find the Perfect Cruise!
5 stars
A 3 Night Cruise is a wonderful Family Cruise. The Cruise will be filled with relaxion and enough to do to keep you talking for years to come.
4 night Bahamas - Disney

Starting at

CruiseDirect  - Find the Perfect Cruise!
5 stars
Disney Cruise Line is top of the line for Family Cruises. The Disney Ships come to Miami Ports on a regular schedule. Disney Cruises may not be cheap. However, Cruise Direct has some good prices for this company.

Last Minute Cruises:

Last Minute cruises can be a low as $199 for a 3 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISE. Look at Direct Cruise for great last minute cruises. Now remember Last Minute Cruises may be cheap. You may need to look up last minute air fares too, unless you live close to Maimi. I would suggest you try looking up for last minute air fares. For a 4 Night Western Caribbean Cruise prices start at $209

Honeymoon Cruises:

Royal Caribbean has a 3 NIGHT MIAMI GETAWAY CRUISE thats starts at $99 for Nov. 22, 2012. Carnival Cruise has a 3 Night Bahamas starts at $159